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Lynn Hawkins has been a member of Beautoxology for nearly 10 years. With over seventeen years experience in the beauty profession, she is skilled in providing semi-permanent makeup procedures, and does so, on a national basis.

This procedure is popular world-wide and used to enhance and perfect natural beauty. Women are increasingly under pressure to look good, but with the increasing demands of our fast pace of life, many of us have limited time for beautification. Semi-permanent make-up is the ideal solution. It saves precious time by ruling out the daily grind of having to apply and re-apply make-up, whilst providing a fresh, vibrant, and well groomed look at all times. The advantage of this treatment is that it can be tailored to your individual requirements, whether that is a glamorous or more natural look, which may explain why more and more women in the UK are opting for this procedure than ever before.


Permanent make-up is a type of tattooing. Microscopical particles of pigment are fused to blend naturally into the superficial layers of the skin. The treatment is therefore shallower than a normal tattoo, and the equipment is specifically designed to be less traumatic and refined than that used to carry out a conventional tattoo, which ultimately means that it is far less painful.

Although the procedure is often referred to as permanent the pigment will fade over time. Initially the colour will appear a little darker, but soon lightens within a few days. Consequently a re-touch is usually necessary 1 to 3 months post treatment, so as to facilitate perfect results, and a colour boost every 12-18 months will ensure that your enhancement remains immaculate.





This treatment adds numerous fine hair strokes to create perfectly re-designed natural looking brows.



Emphasises the natural shape of the eyes and adds definition to lashes, making them
appear thicker darker and removing the worry of unsightly smudging!



This treatment can enhance the natural shape of the lips, providing better definition, as well as making them look more voluptuous and fuller. This treatment is ideal for combating those unattractive lip stick bleed lines by perfecting a seamless vermillion border (lining of the lips), and rectifying unsymmetrical lips. You choose how glamorous you want to go!



Brightens the face by adding natural colour and definition to the cheek bone.



Paramedical micro-pigmentation procedures are effective in camouflaging unsightly scarring. It can also be used to conceal hyper-pigmentation caused from the aging process and sun damage. This procedure has been used extensively following breast surgery, as a method of nipple and areola reconstruction, or for women that have asymmetry or are not happy with the way these structures look.

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