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Thread veins (also known as spider veins or telangiectasia) of the leg is a common problem, which manifests itself by the appearance of small unsightly purple or red veins from the top of the thigh to the ankle. 

Thread vein removal involves a small amount of a special solution being injected through a very fine needle, which displaces the blood in the vein and therefore causes blanching so it turns white. The vessel then becomes irritated and closes shut, preventing the blood from re-entering the vein. 

Two to eight weeks following treatment the thread veins will begin to fade and some may completely disappear. This is a relatively low-risk procedure but as like with all our treatments these are fully discussed at your consultation so that you can make an informed choice.



Sclerotherapy is the procedure used to treat varicose or spider veins, which often present themselves on the surface of the skin. They can occur on the face and legs and can often be unsightly and embarrassing. The treatment involves injecting a solution called scleroscant via a very fine needle, directly into the blood vessel. This displaces the blood in the vein and causes blanching and whitening of the red/purple vessel. These vessels then become irritated and close shut causing the thread vein to fade or disappear completely.



An experienced practitioner will make a full medical assessment prior to the treatment, and will advise you accordingly as to the type of treatment and the number needed to rectify the problem. Some patients receive amazing results after just one treatment; whilst others may need to have the area injected a number of times to achieve the same results.


Even when an experienced practitioner is performing the treatment there are a number of possible side effects. These include localised swelling, tenderness, bruising, and various skin markings. Very occasionally there can be darkening of the skin which can take up to twelve months to resolve. Otherwise most side effects are relatively minor. As with any treatments offered at Beautoxology, all the possible side effects are explained fully prior to therapy.


30 minute session £240

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