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about us...

All clinicians at the Beautoxology aesthetic group are medically qualified and registered with the General Medical Council or Royal College of Nursing and Midwifery. They have also undertaken further advanced training in medical aesthetics and some are respected lecturers in the field of cosmetic medicine. 

Our company ethos prides its self on achieving the highest standards in non-surgical cosmetic procedures, by incorporating the latest evidenced based research into clinical care. This facilitates practice that is up-to-date, innovative and most importantly safe.

Beautoxology are a dynamic and forward thinking team of clinicians that specialize in non-surgical medical procedures to enhance and rejuvenate the face and body. As we are all aware, the aging process is unpredictable and affects people differently. Therefore we realize the uniqueness of our clients and offer a free individualized consultation service that is bespoke to you. This will involve a full and holistic assessment and treatment plan with a medical practitioner of your choice.  

Whilst our team of experts offer the best in evidenced based practice, clinical expertise and up to the minute technology, our focus is not primarily on anti-aging. Eradicating lines and wrinkles in isolation can lead to an unnatural look. This is why at Beautoxology we have a multi-dimensional strategy that also takes into account facial beautification, balance and harmony. 

Our team has outstanding technical ability having been trained and mentored by some of the industry’s world leaders within the field of cosmetic medicine. This means that we use the latest researched based techniques and products to lift, volumise and shape the face. This ensures absolute minimal recovery time and virtually no side effects, so that you can return to your day to day life with little fuss and great results. We also offer an inclusive and comprehensive aftercare service, which is perhaps why Beautoxology has the most sought after practitioners and is one of the UKs fastest growing aesthetic companies.

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