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One-day Advanced Level Botulinum Toxin Course:
Theory/Practical- 7 CPD points

COST £950

This Advanced Botulinum Toxin course is for medically qualified personnel who have at least 12 months experience in cosmetic medicine. The course is also ideal for those who are experienced in aesthetics but require some personal or professional updating. The purpose of this course is to elevate practice to the next level, to promote o more sophisticated approach to facial analysis, and to develop and refine your aesthetic eye and the consultation process. 

By the end of the course the practitioner will be able to formulate and deliver more complex management plans, both safely and competently. The practitioner will understand how to minimise and treat potential complications. 

On completion of the course the delegate will be issued with fully accredited CPD certification.


Morning Theory components:


The Aetiology of Ageing

Facial Anatomy, assessment and mapping

The Consultation and Managing Expectations

Treatment Planning and Dosage criteria


Treatment of the Upper face and Peri-orbital region

• Creating the perfect brow

• Treatment of the infra-orbital region

• Extended crow’s feet


Treatment of the Mid face 

• Treatment of nasal scrunch/bunny lines

• Extended lateral canthal lines/Baby Botox®

• Nasal flare

• Excessive gingival display (gummy smile)


Lower Face and Neck

• Peri-oral lines (smoker’s lines)

• Down turned mouth corners 

• Dimpled chin (overactive mentalis)

• Facial shaping and masseter hypertrophy

• Nefertiti lift

• Platysmal bands for the aging neck

• Treatment of the Décolletage 

Hyperhidrosis (Treatment for excessive sweating)


Afternoon Practical Components:

• Trainer Demonstration

• Hands on practical training with live models, with support and tips from our expert faculty

• Summary

• Questions/summary

• Evaluations

• Close


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