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Everyone deserves to look good. Men too.

10 years ago it was rather unusual for men to be seeking aesthetic treatments, but now, it is a much more frequent occurrence, and it’s not just for men in three-piece suits, it’s manual labourers and outdoor workers as well. Male grooming and the cosmetic sector has never been bigger.
A large percentage of our client base at Beautoxology are men. Successful cosmetic treatment for men requires an expert practitioner to recognise the differences between men and women in anatomy, skin biology, skin ageing and rejuvenation goals. In short a man's skin tends to be thicker and muscles are stronger therefore men require a very different approach than treating women. It is important for men to remain as natural and masculine as possible. Men prefer subtle, natural looking results and want to avoid feminization. This understanding is critical in providing a successful aesthetic outcome.

With this in mind it is sensible to come to a clinic with experience in the art of male aesthetics. Our expert Practitioners treat men on a daily basis can offer a wide range of non surgical aesthetic treatments for men from wrinkle management to skin care. With the right practitioner facial treatments can be administered while retaining the masculine and rugged look. Men with age-related concerns seeking cosmetic procedures, tell us that they want to look younger, calmer, less tired and de stressed and we can offer just that.

At Beautoxology we understand that the male client may want to maintain a little privacy when having aesthetic treatments and for this reason we have private discreet access to the clinic if you would like to maintain a little

Understanding the male face

The male face is unique and must be approached and treated differently from a female face.

1) Male facial skin is thicker and more coarse. It has more sebum and sweat production as well. A combination of these result in bigger facial pores and uneven facial skin texture.
2) Men are more likely to smoke and be exposed to sunlight (UV). Therefore, men's facial skin ages quicker and are more prone to pigmentations.
3) Men have less soft tissue in the cheek area (3mm less than women). This results in flatter cheeks in men.
4) Men have more severe facial wrinkles especially deep wrinkles, as opposed to women who tend to have more superficial wrinkles. This is a result of thicker facial skin, less fat tissue in the face and a more prominent facial musculature.

Conclusion: Men appear older than their age when compared to women.
Due to these factors men appear older than their age when compared to women. Here at Beautoxology we have varied aesthetic treatments available to enhance your looks and you maintain your masculinity.

What aesthetic treatments are available for men?

Soften wrinkles and deep folds
• Dermal fillers can lift deep tear troughs that give that tired all day look.
• Redefine the jaw line and chin for a more chiseled profile and masculine look.
• Add more structure to your cheekbones
• Plump ‘deflated’ cheeks
• Straighten a crooked nose
• Plump the chin crease that gets deeper with age and can be a nuisance when shaving.
• And Botox® can soften wrinkles on the forehead and in between the eye brows for that softer, more approachable look.
• Bruxism or teeth grinding (see Botox® page).

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